Jan. 29th, 2010

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Last Tuesday, I GMed a test run of my OwlCon Lucha Libre Hero round.  I got quite a bit out of it, all in all, both in terms of the story and the game system.

On the story front, it's mostly little tweaks.  I need to make the first scene more engaging for all the PCs and there's a fight in the middle that runs the risk o being irrelevant, but I've got some ideas on how to make that work.  Honestly, I was mainly concerned with playing out the combat encounters, and we only had three hours instead of the four I'll have at the con, so the story got short shrift anyway.

On the game system front, I'm making quite a few adjustments.  My original plan (which was, admittedly lazy) was to use some handy-dandy simplified write-ups of the heroic characters from the Lucha Libre Hero sourcebook.  The editor of the book had put some together for a convention and shared them online.  I figured that since this is a game for newbies as well as old hands, it was worth scaling down some aspects of the Hero System.

The problem was, I really didn't notice until two days before the game HOW much he'd scaled things down.  This is no criticism of his efforts, because it obviously worked for him, but some of the things he did were going to take this too far outside the scope of the game.  I made some quickly eyeballed fixes and, while I largely got them right, there were some glaring omissions.

The second problem I found was that this is billed as a Hero System 6th Edition game.  But LLH was one of the last 5th Edition Hero products out the door and while the editions are probably 90% compatible, that remaining 10% is different enough that any holdovers are all the more glaring.

So, I'm in the process of completely converting the sourcebook characters to Hero 6th.  Thankfully, I've got a copy of Hero Designer to do the heavy lifting.  In doing so, I have to seriously read over all of the character write-ups and I'm seeing places where the shortcut character really just doesn't cut it.  Which brings me to the biggest post-playtest revision I'm implementing:  I'm not going to simplify things so much.

My biggest concern going in on Tuesday was whether I could run a combat-heavy game in the allotted time-frame.  This proved to be a non-issue, even with two players who'd never played the Hero System before.  While I may be a little out of practice running the game (having not done so since last spring), I've been doing it a hell of a long time and I'm good at keeping things moving.  As a result, I'm going to give the players more complete (read traditional) character sheets, I'm not going to give all the characters the same Speed, and I'm going to count on my players to pick up the basics if they aren't familiar with it from the outset.  I still won't worry about Body Damage or Knockback, and I'm still not going to use a map, but everything else will be as by-the-book 6e as I can make it.

Also, that fight in Scene three will be more meaningful and midget-filled.


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