May. 3rd, 2010

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The way our Tuesday night group works when it comes to choosing what to play is fairly democratic.  We have a spreadsheet we keep in Google Docs, where people can list games they'd like to run.  Out to the side, folks can rate their interest from 1 (mild) to 3 (who do I have to kill to play this?).  The miracle of mathematics allows us to get an idea of the overall interest levels.

Anyway, I hadn't really planned on pitching anything at the moment.  I still have another adventure to write for the Unnamed Project, and if I do run something, I'd like to to be for more than the four week mini-campaigns I've run in the past (Hollow Earth Expedition and Buffy in Arkham).  But, the hamster wheel of my imagination had other ideas, so I'm offering the following:

"Roll for Initiative" - for Barbarians of Lemuria.  This would largely be what it says on the box: classic-style Sword & Sorcery using the best purpose-built system for the genre.  The title comes from a conceit I want to use to kick off each adventure.  I describe a moment of wonder based on the PCs surroundings, then bring it to Earth with the crash of battle and the words, "Roll for Initiative," kicking off each session in media res.

"Blowing Up Hong Kong on 358.15 HKD per Day"  - for Feng Shui.  FS is my go-to cinematic action game.  I've run some wonderful game sessions with it and twisted it all out of shape to make it do things I wanted that didn't fit the mold.  But in all that time, I've never run it for anything but one-shots, and only on a few occasions did I run them in the actual game setting.  Since I own everything that's been published for it, I think I owe it to the game to run one campaign that actually uses the published world.  So this would be a straight-up Secret War game, with explosions, mutant cyborgs from the future, kung fu hijinks, crazy eunuch sorcerers, cross-time conspiracies, and bionic gorilla terrorists.  In other words, Tuesday.

If neither gets embraced by the Tuesday crew, I'll just keep 'em on ice in case I get a weekend group going again.


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