May. 19th, 2010

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I missed a week of my Tuesday night Pathfinder game, as my wife's had some health issues that took precedence.  However, last night Einar, the less than sober dwarf "fighter with anger management issues" (Barbarian) was back in action.  As I mentioned previously, this campaign is "The Dawn of the Temple of Elemental Evil," and despite being a 3.5-derived game, the overall tone and approach to things is very Gygaxian.  Treasure is rare.  Threats are not clearly delineated into level-appropriate channels.  Last night included a very tough fight with some zombies, a skeletal champion, an iron cobra, a priest of Iuz and his orc sidekick.  The highlight of the fight might have been our priest of Wee Jas hitting the Iuzite for 1 point of ongoing damage that lasted one round.  On the surface, this was ludicrous.  In practice, the fact that he was taking ongoing damage actually forced him to make a concentration check that caused a significant spell failure.

Or maybe our poor rogue who couldn't make a series of DC 11 Fortitude saves and lost something like five points of CON.

The real highlight of the night was the Blasphemy Eater.  We're not entirely sure what it is, really, other than some sort of Outsider that looks like an enormous three headed raven.  It's very smart, very evil, and very much out of our weight class.  It's also fond of riddles, and dropped a doozy on us.  Of course, Einar isn't remotely smart enough to figure it out, but then again, I don't think I am either.


theron: My Dice Are Probably Older Than You (Default)

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