Jul. 17th, 2010

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Give or take a few days, anyway.

I don't have a lot to report on the gaming front these days.  Mostly, because Real Life intervened in a big way with a couple of work crises, some personal obligations (I had to take Defensive Driving for a wreck I was involved in back in March), and the hard drive failing on my primary home machine.  That last one hurt the most, as I lost quite a bit of personal data in the process.

As a result, updating here and even writing on my project has been disrupted severely.  So, without a lot of deep thoughts to share, here's the state of my gaming world at the moment:

I'm still playing 4th ed in the roughly every other Sunday game.  Made second level without dying (a very near thing, actually).

Pathfinder's been on hold for a few weeks while we played the Savage Worlds version of "Day After Ragnarok."  Lots of pulpy fun.  My character, Cliff Craig is a C-list movie star who was declared 4F due to poor vision, which meant he spent the war on the RKO lot making propaganda films and partying with starlets and Howard Hughes.  He's part of a crew of odd individuals (in other words Pulp Heroes) assembled by Mr. Hughes to deal with problems in the post-Serpentfall world.  He's also probably the most "normal" of the bunch.  In our first adventure, we beat up a bunch of mutated Klansmen, which is always a good time.

The next Kids & Parent's & D&D game is in a couple of weeks.  Custody schedules rule when we can play, so it's been very sporadic lately.

I'm starting to get psyched up for GenCon.  I hope to get some pick up games of Icons and whatever else I can find going.

Speaking of Icons, my physical copy of the rules arrived.  It's very pretty.  Also my physical copies of the Dresden Files RPG.  They're massive.  And pretty.

Lastly, I took advantage of Green Ronin's pre-order deal on the DC Adventures Hero's Handbook, which allowed me to pre-order the book and get the PDF immediately for just five bucks more.  Of course, I purchased it right in the middle of all the Real Life stuff mentioned above, so yesterday was really the first chance I've had to look at it.  I printed it out at home and got it bound at Kinko's for five bucks.  It turned out pretty nice:

And now, I'm done blathering.  I've got some ideas percolating for a real post in the near future, but I needed to log in here and update my bookmarks on the newly-restored computer.


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