May. 22nd, 2010

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Today was the long-awaited revival of D&D With The Kids.  Due to the holidays, conventions, custodial schedules, and life in general getting in the way, it was our first session since last November.  Having shepherded the young Roadwardens through first level, I surrendered the DM's screen to Mr. A (the same individual who's running our Pathfinder game on Tuesdays).  The current adventure found the Roadwardens (with the addition of my character, Pomeroy - an Eladrin Swordmage) sent to the mysterious desert lands of the east, in search of a missing nobleman.

We navigated the hazards of the desert, including a band of desperate brigands before making our way to an oasis city in the middle of the Shifting Lands.  While following up leads and visiting the large marketplace, we were set upon by kenku assassins who pushed us to our limits before falling.  All in all, a most triumphal effort.

But the piece de resistance was the kenku's treasures.  A pulled out all the stops on this one:

Before we could open the chest, our Rogue had to make a couple of Thievery rolls to render it safe.  Within, we found two potions of healing, a ring worth 100 gp, 60 loose gp, a scroll containing a reference to a Snake Chapel (a clue!), and various sticks and shiny rocks (kenku are bird-men, after all).


theron: My Dice Are Probably Older Than You (Default)

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