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Rather than sit around all day doing nothing, I convinced my wife and son to join me in taking DC Adventures out for a a little spin.  Taking inspiration from the Gen Con demo, I set up a simple map (a crazy factory deathtrap), printed out character sheets and counters for Nightwing and Black Canary, and set them against The Joker, Harley-Quinn, and a handful of henchmen.

(Yes, of course I printed out some of my custom-made counters.  It wouldn't be a proper Theron game without props.)

(I also might have made custom GM screen.  Because I like doing things like that.)

Anyway, I started the heroes off, straitjacketed, on a conveyor belt moving them towards various implements of Certain Doom.  The Joker cackled madly and Harley controlled the machinery.  Black Canary blasted an industrial drill press with her Canary Cry while Nightwing slipped his bonds using acrobatics.  Black Canary slipped free and went after the mooks while Nightwing initially tried to shut down the machines, then decided swinging up to The Joker's vantage point (a control platform above the factory floor) and taking the fight to the villain.

Harley tried flinging a bomb at Canary, who barely dodged the blast and retaliated with the Canary Cry, bringing the control room down around the Joker's girlfriend.  While she finished Harley off, Nightwing staggered the Joker, who stumbled back and over the railing -- on to the conveyor belt, which led to the loading dock and freedom!

WIthout hesitation, Nightwing leaped after him, blocking his path.  The Joker tried to tag the former Robin with his Joy Buzzer, but failed, allowing Black Canary a final well-struck sonic attack to bring him down once and for all.

The entire fight took about forty five minutes, including explanation of the basics and stopping to look up a few things.  The boy had a good time, and more importantly, my wife was impressed with the way things played out.  Since her previous interactions with M&M were a lot less positive, I'm really pleased that she's on board with the newest version of the rules.

I think next week,  I'll let Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel try and take on Solomon Grundy.  Or maybe Black Adam.

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Date: 2010-08-16 02:14 am (UTC)
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Awesome. I was hoping the new version was more streamlined than M&M2e. SOunds like it flows very nicely.


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