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With my decision to run BECMI D&D, I've been soaking in the primary source documents at much as possible.  Thanks to my recently acquired iPad and GoodReader, I can put the entirety of my Dragon Magazine Archive on it and read them in bed (granted, I could do this with a netbook, but this is much easier reading).  It's interesting to see not only the transition from primitive house organ to slick magazine in the course of a few years, but also noting a number of names as they crop up.  Seeing what was likely Ed Greenwood's and Roger Moore's earliest work, or an article by Michael "Old Geezer" Mornard provides a little thrill.  Discovering that Todd Lockwood illustrated a monster entry of his own creation way back in 1980 makes his newer work seem more of a labor of love somehow.

And the endless letter column debates.  They were like internet flamewars played out over the course of months.  And over things just as pointless as the ones you find on message boards today.

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I think my favorite was Angels: Yes Or No.

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Hi Theron,

Since I don't have your email address, could you send me an email at ethernaut AT gmail DOT com ? I'd like to send you the codes for downloading Dungeon Mapp.

Tim (Risus Monkey)


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