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I meant to post this yesterday, but between a wicked cold and massive work commitments, this is the first chance I've had to collect my thoughts.

Tuesday night, I ran my planned BoL playtest for Owlcon.  As planned, I used pre-generated PCs out of the back and one of the short canned adventures.

System-wise, the game ran really well.  There were a few moments of looking things up, but I was able to fit just about everything the players needed to know to play the game on two pages.  I need to get a better grasp on setting difficulties, but things generally ran quite smoothly.  A couple of players commented on how well the game reinforces the genre, like the use of the term "Lifeblood" instead of Hit Points.

As expected, the adventure from the book came nowhere near to filling the time I'll be allotted at the con.  This is fine, as it let us brainstorm additional encounters along with a completely different plot to plug them into.  It's far from ready to run, but I'm happy with the shape it's taking.  At this point, I'm trying to decide whether or not to "crowdsource" it a bit on RPGnet to try and tune it up to maximum awesomeness.


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